An easy three-hour drive from Melbourne, Mt Buller is the most accessible alpine resort in Australia.  Most people drive to Mt Buller and park in the day/overnight car parks, but you have the option of catching a bus from Melbourne, Mansfield or Mirimbah at the foot of the mountain.

Here is simple guide if driving up the mountain:IMG_4607

  • Ensure you have anti-freeze in the radiator before you leave home and Alpine Diesel if you have a diesel car – last stop for this is Mansfield.
  • Chains must be carried if staying overnight, but it is advisable to carry them at all times until end of the season. You can hire them in Mansfield.
  • Proceed to the resort entry gate at Mirimbah to pay entry, parking and taxi fees for transfer to/from the Lodge, then head up the mountain.
  • Resort staff will direct you where to park. A 4WD taxi will then drop you and to the front off BMW Ski Club Lodge.
  • On your return you will need to call a taxi and tell them in which car park your car is parked.
  • Warning!  Alpine driving in conditions of snow, ice or bad weather is hazardous, especially for the inexperienced.  Exercise great caution and drive within your or your vehicle’s capabilities.

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